sickle cell

My First ER With You Guys!

Hello World!!…

So happy to be here in good health, able to come on here and write. You will not believe the events that has happened after my last and first post… btw I have decided to do post-event type blog, which means I will blog about prior day events and if anything interesting happens in the current day then that will go into what I like to call “intermediate” posts.

Like I was saying, after publishing my last post. I figured I’d take a shower so I can have that extra time to sleep in before church. After showering, I laid down to sleep and maybe after 10minutes laying there I started to feel tightness in my chest all the way to my back. It was the most uncomfortable thing because I couldn’t breathe. This was not the first time it happened, the other time I experienced something like this was just few days earlier, it was gruesome awkward pain to say the least. (more…)