New England

Hello Winter 2015

I am back. Back to winter, back to snowstorms, back to brisk cold (sigh).

I am not made for this lifestyle. No ma’am. I believe the time to start brainstorming, I need to move! (burr)

Actually, I’ve been back for some time now but just have not been up to writing, working, or stepping outside at all … as much as I want to blame the weather (as it surely plays a role in my antisocial/hibernating tendencies), this time it’s my body, it is fighting me y’all lol. (more…)

Thank You Mayor Thomas Menino!

I had an entire post I was working on but was compelled to change it, for a very good reason.

On October 30th, 2014, we lost a great man in Boston, MA. I was at my dental’s reception area when I peeped at the TV and saw one of Boston’s local news, WCVB, covering what seemed like a breaking news, I was shocked when I saw the caption, “Tom Menino died at 71.” It was a whole day coverage of an awesome human being (more…)