hair journey

My Hair Story: Pt 1

Hey y’all… I noticed I haven’t posted/written anything relating to hair/hair journey in general; although my Instagram once featured a tad about my natural hair journey but has since halted (kinda) mainly because I had a second big chop that left me super confused about my hair. There was little to nothing to do with my new look, except the constant protective styling I did for a year plus now. BUT it has been 15 months post second big chop and my hair seems to be thriving, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with all thing natural hair. I want to continue to share some of my experiences.

Where to begin… so from the time I was born, my hair has always been natural. I either had plaited hair or cornrowed hair when I was younger, I cut my hair couple of times in between that because as a child I hated doing her hair, in fact I hated hearing other children in the neighborhood playing while I was in between some relative’s legs, pinned down to a stool, so I asked to have my hair cut couple of times, lol. When the time came to go into secondary, I had a low cut aka TWA.. good times, looking like a boy (NOT!)

My first relaxer experience happened when we relocated to the U.S. I had been going to school with rubber plaited hair (sigh, when I tell you my mother did me wrong, I mean (-_-)..) since 7th grade. Boy did I have the hardest time adjusting already, my hair only contributed to it more than it helped. Though, I made some pretty cool friends from it too. I will never forget my first day at my last middle school, I was starting a new school and a new grade then, I stood with the other kids at the bus stop and I noticed this one girl who was also waiting. We (my mom and I) asked her if that was the spot for the school bus going to my school, and she said yes. When I got on the bus, she sat at the back and I was in the front part of the bus. She came to me and talked to me a bit and asked about my hair, I had wool plaits in that day. When we got to school, everyone was in the cafeteria for breakfast, all the kids were seeing each other after a long vacation and were all so loud catching up with each other. This girl from my bus stop happened to notice that I was by myself, so she called me and introduced me to her friends, she was one of the very popular kids in school. Anyway, before I further digress, my hair got me to make friends with this lovely girl who was definitely one of the kindest people I ever met in my entire life, she left such a great impression on me. We later went on to the same high school and for our 4 years there she had my back, and was just super sweet and kind to me. It was pretty devastating for me when I heard about her death, shortly after starting our first year in University. I still remember my friend Mariangeli Carmona, aka Maddy.
We lost one of the best human being and I miss her everytime, I always try to imagine what she’ll be doing if she was still here with us, nothing short of amazing things I’m sure. RIP Maddy.

After the ever consistent questions about my hair and the common WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR HEAD questions, and even a little bit of bullying – yo middle school kids are of the devil! They are the most wicked little bunch of people you will ever meet. I got pretty tired of having to explain my hair to people, and what I had done to it. It didn’t help that I was already such a dork and so uncool, I got tired of it and wanted to fit in so I asked my mother “please for God sake, I want to perm my hair.” She was pretty understanding of why, because by that time I had gone through too much trying to adjust in this new environment and system I was thrown into. That was the beginning of anything hair for me. From that point on I basically started caring a tad bit about hair. I maintained a healthy hair from then on, I was a minimalist though; I wrapped my hair when I remembered to, which was almost never, I had trims sparingly, I hated greasy hair and therefore did not really put products in my hair, and even with all of these I had a good length of healthy hair for the most part. I had permed hair from year 1999/2000 till 2/12/2010.

All through the periods I had perm, I always had one complaint/dissatisfaction with my hair, and that was the frontal parts of my hair seemed thin to me, especially after a fresh perm. I don’t know why that bothered me and remained so at the back of my mind. I would try to tease it and make it fuller but that never did work. That was actually what prompted my decision, I wanted to try and regrow my hair, so I ditched the creamy crack.