Shame Has Caught Me

*strolls in slowly with feet dragging, head down in shame*

It is I, the prodigal girl, I’m back again but this time shame dragged me back to blogville ūüĎÄ lol. It’s actually sad that it has gotten to the point where people have to call me out and bet your bottom dollar that they have on multiple occasions but shame, yes same one that has now brought me back to write, once stopped me. What are we going to do about me eh ūüôą

Anyway! Like always, let’s act like nothing happened, jest pray for your girl.

2016! It’s here just like that. It was like film trick but we’re here. I’m more than blessed to see it like you, it’s something I must not take for granted. We ask that God will lead us right this new year, He’ll order our steps and bring everything we desire/ask to fruition.

I’m loving this year already, more than the fact that I am currently basking in the hot sun in Nigeria *sips cold chapman*
The amount of time I have gotten to spend with family most especially my little cousins, most of whom were born after my family left Nigeria, it has been great. They are HILARIOUS! My family members are all clowns and I have had so many moments of deep laughter and that enough makes me happy! Also, I have done things I never thought I will do, most recent and memorable one being climbing Idanre Hills. Yo that alone needs its own post, in fact that’s what I’ll do.

For now, cheers to an awesome 2016 and eventful, blessed year ahead. And to more posts! Amen.


Tis The Season To Reflect

I made a conscious decision to write today and I am sticking to that no matter what, considering the fact that I just deleted my post mistakenly before it could upload, SMH. E don tay but I have finally gotten to the point where I forgiven myself for letting that happen. Today though, I’m in a reflecting mode, taking stocks. Despite the horror and violent events that looks to have clouded our world, we must celebrate the good however little they might seem.


To be witnessing yet another month is a blessing in itself, but even more humbling that we’re so close to closing this year out. That alone makes you ask where did the time go?! For me, the year started off good but took a dive right after I came back from Nigeria, I experienced a traumatic event where I sustained permanent injuries then there was that time SC showed up to bring me that much lower, but that too passed. I went back to the work force this year, which in itself was an amazing experience, boy did God ever showed up massively.


I could go on and on, but I won’t. Here is to a great start to another end. To a dream chasing, dream fulfilled rest of the year, it’s not over so don’t give up on those things you wished for, keep faith alive. To a safe rest of the year, especially to those of us that may be planning to travel, no evil will find us, we will not be at the wrong place at the right time. And last but not least, to a peaceful festive season with family and friends.

On A Lighter Note

Hey guys!

I am still trying to figure what works best for me as far schedule goes, and especially for the blog, hopefully soon, I know one day it will all click I promise.

Just wanted to come on and update, starting with health update which I am pleased to report¬†all is well, nothing major going on except yesterday I started feeling funny, particularly my throat! It tickles (more…)

Bella Naija Feature Follow Up

Hey warriors and supporters!

First and foremost, I would love to welcome you if you are new to the blog, it’s nice to have you all here. I am super excited to get to know you more through comments, messages and support.

So, a follow-up post was needed for that last post, which was very abrupt and short btw (sorry I wrote that on my way to work), but I do hope you all found my article insightful, maybe opened your eyes to some things you never gave much thought to. I enjoyed the feedbacks and the comments, please keep them coming, let the conversation continue as you share . And if you have any experiences or stories to share please do so.

Speaking of comments, one of the comments on the article really struck me, see excerpt below¬† (more…)

Anyone Home?

Haha… oh my goodness, there must an award for this kind of slackness, and I truly wish I was lying or exaggerating how extremely¬†busy I am, but I am. However, I did make myself a tinny winny¬†productive during these past months, I wrote an article for World Sickle Cell Day for Bella Naija¬†y’all and I hope you read and share. I will be back shortly to proper follow up.

Happy World Sickle Cell Day!

‚ú®Till Next Time‚ú®