Sickle Strides

SCD Event Update

Last post I mentioned the SCD event by SAMI Nigeria, let’s see if I can sum up my experience :). As you may remember, the event time was 4PM but everybody had already told me it won’t start on time, which is fine only that it’s on the mainland and I’m coming from the island right? I worried about it starting late and ending late, only because I didn’t want to drive back so late. (more…)

Houston, We Have A (Bigger) Problem


I’m just weak.

If you follow my IG page you may have seen this post but I feel compelled to write about this and dedicate a whole post.

Some months back, shortly after I publicized my blog and started sharing on my social media, I got a FB request from a young lady from Nigeria. Usually I don’t accept request from people I don’t know or haven’t met but I made an exception for few, one being Nigerians who were in one of the sickle cell groups I follow on FB and this young lady was one… our mutual friends were people in the group, so I figured it’ll be real nice to get to know another Nigerian with SCD, so I accepted her..

Not long after that I sent her message to get her to introduce herself and share her story. (more…)

We Did It! Hurray.

I know. I know. 2 blog posts in one week? back to back? whaaaaat? Crazy… but I had to. I can’t bottle it in any longer.

About 1:30 AM, I got tagged in an IG post regarding the White House petition going on for Sickle Cell Disease to be declared a national priority and have budget for programs. Well I needed to see this for myself as I have literally stalked the site since the petition started.

Believe me when I say I left the web page opened and kept refreshing ever so often, I definitely had sincere worries (more…)

For Moi?

Since my last post, I can’t even begin to shout, all these support for lil ol’me? I’m feeling the love, everyone that has reached back orĀ  left a comment, followed and/or shared, I appreciate y’all. I have readers from places I never imagined and I’m just short of words, to be quite honest “I never hespered it”. I’m simply blessed, idk how else to quantify it but (more…)