Lifting Words

Nobody Greater

Morning Lovies,

So I’ve had this song stuck in my head, one of my favorite worship/praise songs among many many others, “Nobody Greater by VaShawn Mitchell.

Just got me thinking how awesome God is and how eternally grateful I am to be so favored with the life I live. It’s not much but it is still pretty good and I am just in awe of his wonders in me (which are still unfolding btw, I’m an undone project but gradually making my way to the big reveal).

Thought I’d share that part of me real quick with you all, encourage each other the Bible says. I hope you are encouraged.


Welcome, I’ve Been Expecting You

Hey there! I was hoping you would make it here and I see that you did, so glad you did. I cannot tell you how excited I am to take you on the journey that is called my life! It’s pretty interesting to me and I’m almost sure you will be tangled in the crazy blessed life that I live day in and out with Sickle Cell.

I’m super excited to start this blog, it has been a loooooong time coming. I have tried many times with no success to keep a blog, but this time around will be different I promise… I just know it will, I can feel it because here I have everything I am passionate about (guess what they are :D)

MYSELF!.. (more…)