About Me

I love this little excerpt from another warrior:

“When you call me a “sickler”, for you it aptly describes me.

To me, it makes me feel like I’m born to be frequently sick.

And for me, continuous illness translates to early death.

I am not a farm tool, I am not the shape of my sickle cells.

I am just like you, sometimes I’m healthy too… be kind and positive with your words.”

To which I added: 

I build up, I deposit positivity into lives. I am full of life, love, and laughs.

Not only am I healthy sometimes, but for the most part. I am more than my medical status.

Don’t ever refer to me or anyone else for that matter with this derogatory term, to my face or behind my back.

Speak life or don’t say anything at all.

Contrary to many beliefs and misconception, it is possible to live a normal life, but I’ve always wanted more and knew I had more to offer the world. Recently, I decided to put myself out there and live for something greater than myself, hence the publication of my site. I decided to take “oh you don’t look it” face and be the face of the many unheard warriors. I plan on updating this blog in hopes to educate and raise awareness by sharing some of my personal experiences and stories, along with some other interests of mine.

My Mission: Raise awareness and education that contributes to the efforts to deplete cases of Sickle Cell Diseases here and beyond, in addition to advocating for patients and families of SCD warriors worldwide.

Let’s Connect: You can find me on social media on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Have you heard of HEMOXIDE? If NOT, please google it. I have heard that SSD can be managed by hemoxide.

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