Day: December 14, 2016

#DailyContentChallenge Day 14

‚ÄčIf you know me, you KNOW I live for people who have beautiful minds and soul.  

There’s such authenticity, pureness, peacefulness, and vulnerability that comes with these group of human. There’s substance to everything they do and say.  I am encouraged to by them in so many ways; they inspire me to be bold and fearless, to be vulnerable, to be centered in everything that makes me, to be firm  strongly so in what I believe in. 

I count myself lucky to be surrounded by these people and even more excited anytime I get to meet/listen-to those beautiful spirit minds. Funny enough, they usually come in an unusual “packages”, they’re usually not the obvious package physically but boy let them open their mouth, mind, and soul! 

Thank you beautiful minds worldwide. Thank you for remaining your authentic self in a world where it is sooooo easy to be everything but real. Keep inspiring!