Month: December 2016

#DailyContentChallenge Day 14

​If you know me, you KNOW I live for people who have beautiful minds and soul.  

There’s such authenticity, pureness, peacefulness, and vulnerability that comes with these group of human. There’s substance to everything they do and say.  I am encouraged to by them in so many ways; they inspire me to be bold and fearless, to be vulnerable, to be centered in everything that makes me, to be firm  strongly so in what I believe in. 

I count myself lucky to be surrounded by these people and even more excited anytime I get to meet/listen-to those beautiful spirit minds. Funny enough, they usually come in an unusual “packages”, they’re usually not the obvious package physically but boy let them open their mouth, mind, and soul! 

Thank you beautiful minds worldwide. Thank you for remaining your authentic self in a world where it is sooooo easy to be everything but real. Keep inspiring!


#DailyContentChallenge Day 11

​Today’s service focused on JOY.

Most of us have it all wrong when it comes to HAPPINESS and JOY.  We must be conscious of the source of each and be connected.
HAPPINESS is dependent on what’s happening around you. It depends on what you have, what’s going good for you in that moment. 
JOY is independent of your reality or circumstances. It is solely a gift from God that keeps you afloat any situation, especially the chaotic happenings. It is unexplainable, it defies everything known to our bare eyes and thoughts. It is a deep pure happiness that ONLY comes from GOD. 
Be encouraged to tap into JOY πŸ’›πŸ˜Š

#DailyContentChallenge Day 8

I know. I know. There was no day 7 post, there’s nothing to do about it right now, so we are moving forward . 

Today I want to share a special news, I am hosting a medical outreach in the form of a clinic in collaboration with the Sickle cell Advocacy Management Initiative (SAMI). On the 30th of this month, we will be providing free consult/health screening, wound clinic, and handing out medications. 

If you or someone you know may benefit from this act of love and service, come check it out. If you ate interested in helping in form of donation, we’re taking medications and wound dressing supplies such as B complex, Ibuprofen, Paludrine, Folic Acid, Normal saline, kling wraps, santyl ointment, gauze,blood pressure machines and O2 sat, thermometers, etc. 

We will be collecting donation on site, monetary donations can be made on the gofundme account at 

Contact us: @iamnotmyscd and @sicklecelladvocacyinitiative on IG, or call 08098007264 for more details.  

I look forward to it and please help us pass the word around, you never know who you’re helping.

#DailyContentChallenge Late Post

Omg day 5 was busy, I had a busy day and when I finally got home, I crashed and lost track of time after that. 

Let’s see day 5… I’m not sure what I want to talk about, except the fact that my arbitual pattern of procrastination almost got me in big trouble (costly) yesterday. But I want to do better πŸ˜”… seriously lol. I am inclined to continue to work towards being productive and go-getter, starting with decluttering my house. I have so much crap that I’ve held unto for far too long. IDK why, but I make excuses (as with everything smh) everytime I’ve tried to throw things out. 2017 is around the corner and I want better for myself, I’m going to work trying to put away my procrastination tendencies and gun for a clutter-free material life. We’ll deal with the other parts of life afterwards. One step at a time.

Anyway, watch this space for day 6 post 😊… in few hours. 

#DailyContentChallenge Day 5

Don’t let anybody hold you hostage in your own mind. Nobody deserves to live in your head/mind for free, occupying the space of peace, of love, of freedom. 

That’s my epiphany for the day. Sometimes all you have is to free the words, in the most calm and thought-out way. I feel free and I hope you will too once you take that step to confront that which is occupying the space of freedom in your mind or heart. 

Have a blessed day .