Post 30 Post

I recently celebrated a major milestone birthday, this one was quite different than any other. Yes folks, I managed to twirl my way into the 30s and it feels awesome, I love it already. Took my first birthday trip with couple of friends, and I must admit that was a great idea on my part and might be one of my favorite birthday celebrations so far. A new location, far from winter but close to spring. It was perfect. If I hadn’t done anything but sleep, it would’ve still been well worth it.

One of the most memorable moment of the trip was listening to a friend’s suggestion to see the Boys II Men in concert. Best decision ever. Listen Linda…

It was ahhhhhhh-mazing!

Those guys are the real deal and definition of good music… They are performers and entertainers. It was a relaxed show, they encouraged their audience to stand, dance, sing- along. Hands down, it was the best (top 3) live performance I have ever seen. Also, I got to hug and touch all 3 boys/men 😀😀.. Yes, yes, I encourage you to envy me.

Now I just gotta work on tracking Celine Dion and Brandy down, then my whole life would be made.

Such great time.

Special thanks to Ezihe and Gbemisola for taking time out of their busy lives to join me to celebrate. And all the well wishers, God bless you all real good.

To the next 30! 🍻🍻


~~ Happy March month ~~


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