Month: February 2016

Shit Happens 2016

Yes y’all, you say/mean one thing and then before you know it, it’s February… half of February, and you’re like “wait, where did the time go!” Who is moving the days by the second so damn fast, what is the rush… seriously, shit happens, I tell you.

Hello! Izzzz me. I was wondering if you still remember me from that last post I put up.

Ok fine, that song has been murdered, and needs to just rest gently at this point. No one should have any business resurrecting it for whatever reason.

Antee-Ways, I did not forget the post about Idanre Hills, that will definitely be coming up to the closest blogpost near you. I still relive that day and can’t believe I ‘cray’ enough to do such. My Nigeria trip yo! So many highlights that I don’t even know where to begin but will post some-some about it. I really need to and want to change my ways in 2016, need to be on top of the things I want to do and actually DO IT! I can make excuse for Africa, sheesh.


Yo, if you guys have any ideas on how I can get my ish together and be more productive (writing/creatively wise), please let me know, especially how to rid myself of procrastinating (smh). Leave me a comment/resource of how to be a better me in 2016, help me help myself biko.

All that said to say, I am alive and well, and I have not forgotten this babyboo.. who btw just got a new name. Did you notice?
Yea.. I felt the other name was constricting me to just one aspect of my many interests, and that may have contributed to how active I have (not) been on social media/blog. I needed something more me, if that makes any sense. Let me know what you think about new name and any other suggestions you may have.

Till Next Time!