Month: January 2016

The Case Of The Missing Budget

The pressing news is that Nigeria is missing its 2016 budget… ๐Ÿ˜

Yea that’s my exact reaction. Pardon? Like how? But then trust Nigerians to make laughs out of anything really. In the effort to locate said vital document, Nigerians are not leaving any leaves or should I say any paper unturned. I present to you a national notice to all citizens


So please, check anywhere and everywhere, help us locate the damn budget. Thank you kindly.

Lol hope that made you laugh, because I couldn’t keep a straight face reading that.

Shame Has Caught Me

*strolls in slowly with feet dragging, head down in shame*

It is I, the prodigal girl, I’m back again but this time shame dragged me back to blogville ๐Ÿ‘€ lol. It’s actually sad that it has gotten to the point where people have to call me out and bet your bottom dollar that they have on multiple occasions but shame, yes same one that has now brought me back to write, once stopped me. What are we going to do about me eh ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Anyway! Like always, let’s act like nothing happened, jest pray for your girl.

2016! It’s here just like that. It was like film trick but we’re here. I’m more than blessed to see it like you, it’s something I must not take for granted. We ask that God will lead us right this new year, He’ll order our steps and bring everything we desire/ask to fruition.

I’m loving this year already, more than the fact that I am currently basking in the hot sun in Nigeria *sips cold chapman*
The amount of time I have gotten to spend with family most especially my little cousins, most of whom were born after my family left Nigeria, it has been great. They are HILARIOUS! My family members are all clowns and I have had so many moments of deep laughter and that enough makes me happy! Also, I have done things I never thought I will do, most recent and memorable one being climbing Idanre Hills. Yo that alone needs its own post, in fact that’s what I’ll do.

For now, cheers to an awesome 2016 and eventful, blessed year ahead. And to more posts! Amen.