Tis The Season To Reflect

I made a conscious decision to write today and I am sticking to that no matter what, considering the fact that I just deleted my post mistakenly before it could upload, SMH. E don tay but I have finally gotten to the point where I forgiven myself for letting that happen. Today though, I’m in a reflecting mode, taking stocks. Despite the horror and violent events that looks to have clouded our world, we must celebrate the good however little they might seem.


To be witnessing yet another month is a blessing in itself, but even more humbling that we’re so close to closing this year out. That alone makes you ask where did the time go?! For me, the year started off good but took a dive right after I came back from Nigeria, I experienced a traumatic event where I sustained permanent injuries then there was that time SC showed up to bring me that much lower, but that too passed. I went back to the work force this year, which in itself was an amazing experience, boy did God ever showed up massively.


I could go on and on, but I won’t. Here is to a great start to another end. To a dream chasing, dream fulfilled rest of the year, it’s not over so don’t give up on those things you wished for, keep faith alive. To a safe rest of the year, especially to those of us that may be planning to travel, no evil will find us, we will not be at the wrong place at the right time. And last but not least, to a peaceful festive season with family and friends.


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