On A Lighter Note

Hey guys!

I am still trying to figure what works best for me as far schedule goes, and especially for the blog, hopefully soon, I know one day it will all click I promise.

Just wanted to come on and update, starting with health update which I am pleased to report all is well, nothing major going on except yesterday I started feeling funny, particularly my throat! It tickles, and my nose is running (rhinorrhea literally). I’m keeping close eyes on it, hopefully lots of rest will ward it away but other than that, health is great. What I have found that works wonderfully for me is a stress-free life/body and hydrating during this (mad) hot weather, it goes a long way for me, sadly that has not been my reality (sigh. stress is a mofo). And yes, yes, I am well aware that I prayed for hot days like these just couple of months ago – look free me abeg.

Work-wise, I am still searching for that balance and it is still a long way from where it is right now but I continue to strive for my nirvana (dammit I will have it! pray for ya gurl, somebody!).

Now socially, first of all if you know me you know how much I value my social life and being around people, I live off of the times spent with good friends. However since 2013, that aspect of my life has slowly dwindled, not by choice entirely, but now babes are trying to get their social life back! Well at least that is the mission for the rest of the year, second half is made for socializing and networking (somebody say amen 😀 )

So far, the second half started off right, with a very short trip to my lovelies in the durry-south. Granted it started off rocky, I am uber glad it later turned out to be the realest turn up session and fun with old and new friends. Speaking of “uber”, I tried it for the very first time. Needless to say I was scared sh!tless and super skeptical but it worked out and now I am a believer! Haha. Uber, you have won me over! You rock.

Now it is back to reality, back to the hustle and bustle of life, but after the long week(end) I had, I am pleased to have today off! A much needed day off might I add, thank you Lord.

But to the rest of you hustling this blessed day, I wish you a beautiful and successful Monday! Own your MONDAY because “Mon” means mine in french, so take ownership of the day!

Lots of love to you.

Thank you for your support.

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