Month: June 2015

Bella Naija Feature Follow Up

Hey warriors and supporters!

First and foremost, I would love to welcome you if you are new to the blog, it’s nice to have you all here. I am super excited to get to know you more through comments, messages and support.

So, a follow-up post was needed for that last post, which was very abrupt and short btw (sorry I wrote that on my way to work), but I do hope you all found my article insightful, maybe opened your eyes to some things you never gave much thought to. I enjoyed the feedbacks and the comments, please keep them coming, let the conversation continue as you share . And if you have any experiences or stories to share please do so.

Speaking of comments, one of the comments on the article really struck me, see excerpt below  (more…)

Anyone Home?

Haha… oh my goodness, there must an award for this kind of slackness, and I truly wish I was lying or exaggerating how extremely busy I am, but I am. However, I did make myself a tinny winny productive during these past months, I wrote an article for World Sickle Cell Day for Bella Naija y’all and I hope you read and share. I will be back shortly to proper follow up.

Happy World Sickle Cell Day!

✨Till Next Time✨