Health Update – April 2015

Quick update… (only makes sense to update since I posted about going to the ER)


So, I started feeling pain throughout my back, my spinal cord, along every bone in my chest cavity basically (rib cages), couldn’t sleep all night/Wednesday morning. At 8AM got my darling self to the ER, with my heating pad in hand of course lol. By this time my bp had gone down to 90s/50s, temp was 98 something, O2 sat was good – one thing I always do when it’s go time like that is breathing exercise, super helpful because I keep the oxygen flowing as much as I can, which in turn goes to the areas where oxygen is needed.

Anyway I waited for what seemed like forever to be called into triage, by the time the triage nurse started to walk us to the room I would be in for the next 12hours, I started feeling dizzy and tired. Got in the johnnies, peed in the urine sample thingie, then the nurse tried to get a line in… her first try went straight into a nerve, Lord I felt my life flash right there (which I can still feel now btw) took a second try –this is where my PSA comes in–

Dear IV Nurses, for the love of God, do not, I repeat, DO NOT wiggle the catheter once you’re inside the skin… just stop please! If you didn’t get it in that one shoot, just take it out and try again, no need in wiggling the damn thing around, just please STOP! And if you’re a regular floor nurse, pass this along to them IV Nurses in your facilities.

Back to what I was saying, she finally gets the vein the second try (thank God) and draws labs, this chick threw the tubes along with the trash into the trash bucket, but quickly realized what she had done when she couldn’t find the labs she had just drawn – a mess!

The doctor finally makes her way to my room, asks what was going on – at this point I’m out of breath from so much pain but have to retell why I’m in the ER, like what were all the previous notes taken for right? I don’t understand. – I went on to explain again, she listened to my lungs, blah blah blah, told me the nurse will bring the pain meds (finally!)

Nurse comes in and says they’ll give me morphine, I was like that don’t do shyt ma’am, give me dilaudid, I believe that’s what they gave me last time I was here, “oh you’ve been here before?” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ uhm don’t y’all have a history section/something that tells who’s new and who’s not? Anyway, she brings in morphine because she wasn’t sure since that’s what was listed in my last visit (which is a damn lie). BUT I THOUGHT I SPECIFICALLY SAID I WANTED DILAUDID! Morphine does nothing for my pain. So there I was just wanting whatever the hell she had, took the morphine, 30mins in I don’t feel a thing, my pain remained the same, that’s when she went and got dilaudid… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ooh my beloved dilaudid, sigh lol, I can totally see how ppl will take it as seeking drug but damn it I had a legit good reason! That pain mehn… radiating, constant, with a shot of shockwaves every now and then, no buenos.

I got pain meds ever so often but truth is I hate the side effects of these medications, fecal impact is no joke, the worst experience of my entire being was not being able to move my bowel for 5 days straight, I wanted to die! Never again I told myself… so this time, I told them to space it out, I was willing to wait the pain out longer just so I don’t take too much meds, I even asked for stool softener cause I knew what dilaudid can do to this body of mine.

Minus my little incident with one of the nurses that had me during her shift (insinuating that my facial/behavioral mood does not match the pain levels I’m reporting – I reported her behind to the doctor and she immediately came in to explain herself & apologized) my stay was ok… I was discharged at 7ish PM and I’ve been on bed rest since. I still have significant pain in my ribs and chest area, can’t take deep breaths because it hurts like heck, thank goodness for aboniki tho! But I’m seriously over it now, I hate the periods in between the initial start of crisis and the end… that middle area where you’re still weak, can’t eat (omg everything stinks to me), can’t do much but lay around, yea I hate it and that’s where I am. I need to be back to 100 like yesterday… till then

Just want to say a huge thank you to all the IG/BBM/Whatsapp messages and the phone calls, thank you guys! Also, pardon any grammatical errors because I’m sure there are tons but too tired to edit, so I’m just gonna post and hope this doesn’t discredit my bachelor’s degree ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ‘€ I still owe Sallie Mae for that ish, mchew.

โœจTill next post โœจ

โœจTill Next Timeโœจ

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  1. God bless you and keep you strong as you stand strong through all this pain.
    God bless you real good.

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