Hello Winter 2015

I am back. Back to winter, back to snowstorms, back to brisk cold (sigh).

I am not made for this lifestyle. No ma’am. I believe the time to start brainstorming, I need to move! (burr)

Actually, I’ve been back for some time now but just have not been up to writing, working, or stepping outside at all … as much as I want to blame the weather (as it surely plays a role in my antisocial/hibernating tendencies), this time it’s my body, it is fighting me y’all lol.


Ahh, life… one minute you’re on your feet, next minute you’re on your on face … pun intended. After my first week back, I went back to work and 2 hours into it, my body gave up on me.. I FAINTED! sigh.:oops:

I sustained a pretty extensive injury as I landed face first, yes guys on my money maker. When I regained consciousness, I didn’t realize what had happened, however I felt this excruciating pain in my face, my mouth was on fire. 911 was called shortly after I regained consciousness while I stayed in position and talking to the people around. Without going into much detail, I was whisked (my experience with the EMT is another story entirely, horrible) into the emergency dept and after many hours of treatments including stitches and bunch of tests, I got to leave with pain medications and antibiotics but no clear reason as to why I fainted in the first place. I am still on the hunt to find out, need to make sure all is well within this body of mine. No, there was no previous incident/sickness/symptoms.

Exactly a week after my eventful incident, I had another unpleasant event with terrible stomach ache and nausea. Any smell, mention and sight of food made me gag, I vomited so much it felt like I was puking my whole insides out … so off to the ER we went again (my poor family! 🙈 lol, sorry guys).
Again, after a series of testing and treatment, I left without a clear explanation to why. However, they mentioned gallstones blah blah… I rebuke.

So you see, these events has been my February since I came back in a nutshell. The first part of February was not the least drama free either, no thanks to KLM and cancellation of my original flight out of Naij. But I ain’t even mad about that, haha.. thanks KLM, but mehn y’all stressed me out. 

Yo, can we quickly talk about the mess that is Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos! Yes that one. Lord Almighty, the most ridiculous Nigerian establishment I ever experience. These goats had me waiting on my offloaded luggages till 2 freaking A.M, the process started at 8 PM mind you (God punish those luggage offload peeps). When they finally brought the bags back from the flight that left at 11:55 PM, they brought the wrong freaking bags! Not one of mine was part of what they brought back, I waited all that time without a freaking bag –gosh, I”m pissed all over again just thinking about it- . Thank goodness for my friend Vic who stayed with me throughout and came back with me the day after to pick my luggages, I would’ve slept in the airport on the floor or something if it wasn’t for Vikky, smh. It was the worst experience. WOOSAH! Now that I’ve shared that, I feel so much better.

THAT is my February in a nutshell, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have my life, I have family and friends, and the greatest love of them all.

Here’s to better days, weeks, months and years ahead. cheers!🍸👊

✨Till Next Time✨

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