SCD Event Update

Last post I mentioned the SCD event by SAMI Nigeria, let’s see if I can sum up my experience :). As you may remember, the event time was 4PM but everybody had already told me it won’t start on time, which is fine only that it’s on the mainland and I’m coming from the island right? I worried about it starting late and ending late, only because I didn’t want to drive back so late.

After all the warnings, I decided I’ll take my time and we got there almost to 6, and truly the event was running late (yikes lol). However, I got ample of time to participate in the fundraisers and meet the lovely Toyin Adesola, she was such a gracious host. The event started shortly after and it was nice, I laughed my behind off. All the acts were so funny.

But because they were running behind schedule and me not wanting to commute late, I had to leave before I had the opportunity to speak but I had the time of my life nonetheless. I also got to meet “Mommy Genotype” aka Doris Gbemiloye of Genotype Foundation, she shared with me little about her foundation, what they’ve been able to do and continues to do in the communities, I look forward to working with her one day. She also sent me couple of their monthly magazines, such dedication and work to the SCD community! I love it, check them out.

One thing that I will say though, was the turnout for the event could’ve been better and according to Ms. Adesola, that is a reoccurring issue facing any sickle cell events. Days before the event, I wanted to check up on her and see how far with the planning, to which she expressed that she was “still working on selling tickets. Stressful. Pple are strange cos they see the SCD thing and they are (automatically) not interested. Ignorance for this country is much. Smh.”
With all of that said, let’s do better! Make effort and support not just SCD but every silent diseases and issues that desperately needs attention. We can’t let people like Toyin Adesola continue to work tirelessly and not see the kind of response they hope to see, not only can it be discouraging, it can be frustrating as well. So I am hoping the next SCD events will be swamped with you all, especially those who I personally invited (I forgive y’all this one time only, next time I won’t 😛).

With all of that been said, I once again (for the umpteenth time) want to apologize, sorry about all the late and missing posts, I have no explanation or excuse for it. Even though I have all these free time, I somehow still find it hard to post (I cannot explain it) LOL, I’ll keep working on it though.

Have a blessed rest of week 1 of February!

✨Till Next Time✨

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