Lagos 1/2015…

Hi y’all… still reporting from the waterfront of Lagos Island, the weather is ummm humid, I can’t complain though. I love the fact that I can wear t-shirts and maxi-dresses, that’s a staple fashion of mine these days and I can most definitely get use to it (don’t mind if I do). I’ve met some cool people sha, and others are still hiding from me, they know themselves.

However, I have managed to link up with some SCD warriors I was in contact with from social media, most especially the coordinator of Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative (SAMI), Nigeria, Ms. Toyin Adesola. Fortunately, she’s organizing an event for Sunday afternoon (flyer below)


Not only did she invite me, but also asked me to give a small speech, how kind is she?? Thanks sis T.
Okay so I know it may be unbelievable but I hate public speaking, so I’m not entirely sure how that speech is going to go or what my liver function will be like on Sunday, but I pray it’s strong and fearless, lol. That said, I’ll like to invite as many people as possible to come out and support a good cause.

The focus of the evening is on the objectives behind the event which is to continue to support the organization in raising funds to continue to help people who are in desperate need of treatments and such, but serving you all with entertainment worth more than any money. Again, if you have nothing planned for Sunday afternoon, I (personally) extend the invite to you … no need to be at home, stressing about the upcoming work week… 🙂 when you can just come laugh mehn. Laughter is a good medicine afterall. I can’t wait, I’m ready to work these ab muscles #fitfamtinz hehe.

See y’all in the next post, toodle.

✨Till Next Time✨

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  1. Hey! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!
    Thank you for sharing these stories and talking about sickle cell.
    The mentality of Nigerians towards the whole thing is appalling, and I’m speaking from experience since two of my siblings have sickle cell.
    Please check out my blog, and keep up the good work!

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