The New Year Post

First off, Happy New Year people! Hope your year is going well and you are kicking butts in all your endeavors already :). As for me, 2015 has been chilled and I love it, I’m in a much needed vacation mode after an amazing 2014 till further notice, matter of fact I’m sounding from the hot shores of Osun state 😁😁. Yes, yes, I’m in Naij. If you’re enduring the harsh winter somewhere, I’m so sorry, think sunny warm thoughts and remember Spring is around the corner.
Hopefully by the time I return, winter would’ve subsided or be at least bearable.

I just had to absolutely come and post, because “as a blog owner, you owe (the readers) a post”, when you get a message like that, you kind of can’t hide and most sharply respond to that request.. 😳 sigh, this is the 2 edged sides of having an avid blogger as a friend. I’m sorry. Please pardon me. I’ll do better.
But can I just say internet usage in this our Nigeria has shown me pepper. My data is just disappearing like magic, in the span of a week and half, yours truly has used 4gb of data… MTN, this data you’re sharing, eh, there’s God o.
Although someone mentioned that Android phones consumes more data than BB phones, at this point I don’t even know. I have stopped browsing, I have respected myself and going to keep my data to just BBM, Whatsapp and Bible (ok and occasionally FB and bejewel). Any suggestions on how to better manage data will be greatly appreciated, I miss instagram (don’t judge me)😪.


So far, my trip has been fun and adventurous to say the least, I am now officially  part of the “locals”, (I’ve always wanted to say that, national geography made me do it) I can hang 😂😄 don’t let the poshness fool you.
Seriously, nne, this harmattan is harsh on a sister’s nostril and throat. I have chopped dust and smoke tire eh, thank goodness for Benadryl but can I ask why throwing light at bushes and trash a hobby for some 😒, it’s dry and dusty enough, why add smoke join? I taya o.


All jokes aside, it’s been great being back, I just finished the wedding I came for and can now focus on the works I want to get started on. I’m in quest to do some SCD work while I’m out here and also to do workshop where/when possible, so if you know of anything that will allow me spread awareness and educate ppl about sickle cell in the communities, hola at me! I hope to be going to some congregations and assemblies alike to share a word of awareness or two.
Cheers to 2015, a year dedicated to awareness, education and empowerment. I will try my hardest to carry you along.

✨Till Next Time✨

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