Month: January 2015

Lagos 1/2015…

Hi y’all… still reporting from the waterfront of Lagos Island, the weather is ummm humid, I can’t complain though. I love the fact that I can wear t-shirts and maxi-dresses, that’s a staple fashion of mine these days and I can most definitely get use to it (don’t mind if I do). I’ve met some cool people sha, and others are still hiding from me, they know themselves. (more…)

The New Year Post

First off, Happy New Year people! Hope your year is going well and you are kicking butts in all your endeavors already :). As for me, 2015 has been chilled and I love it, I’m in a much needed vacation mode after an amazing 2014 till further notice, matter of fact I’m sounding from the hot shores of Osun state 😁😁. Yes, yes, I’m in Naij. (more…)

Where is My #MCE?!?!

Haha! Everything said here pretty much sums it up

Miss T. N. king

Every Monday, social media timelines are flooded with women posting pictures of the men they adore with the hash tag #MCM (“Man Crush Monday“).  Those who are in relationships, engaged or married usually post a picture of their man with the hashtag #MCE (“Man Crush Everyday”), which signifies that this is the person they are crushing on 24/7.

I’ve been single for the past 2 1/2 years and never partook in #MCM/#MCE.  It’s not that I didn’t want to participate; I just wasn’t in an official relationship with anyone. (Side note: I don’t believe in publicly broadcasting someone I am just “talking” to.)

However, every week it seemed as if someone new revealed their #MCE.  Everyone around me was getting in new relationships, engaged, or married.  Meanwhile, I was still single.  I became upset because it seemed like all of the women who were getting “cuffed” lacked quality…

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