Month: December 2014

Houston, We Have A (Bigger) Problem


I’m just weak.

If you follow my IG page you may have seen this post but I feel compelled to write about this and dedicate a whole post.

Some months back, shortly after I publicized my blog and started sharing on my social media, I got a FB request from a young lady from Nigeria. Usually I don’t accept request from people I don’t know or haven’t met but I made an exception for few, one being Nigerians who were in one of the sickle cell groups I follow on FB and this young lady was one… our mutual friends were people in the group, so I figured it’ll be real nice to get to know another Nigerian with SCD, so I accepted her..

Not long after that I sent her message to get her to introduce herself and share her story. (more…)

Essential Winter Must Haves (Body Care)

Winter is around the corner, yes people it is STILL Fall. Yes, yes, I know it’s cold as heck and snowing like nobody’s business… wait is that only New England? Oh. But it’s true, Winter doesn’t officially starts till Dec 21st.

Anyhoo, I thought to share how I keep the skin feeling hydrated AND keep the pain at bay (aside medication of course, not a fan of medications). (more…)

You Will Not Fail. You Will Not Fall.

Happy New Month!

This is an impromptu post inspired by couple of things beginning from me pondering about life, my life, the moments I have felt like giving up and drifted into seclusion; I say seclusion because I don’t believe it to be depression, I just don’t. Thinking back to those moments, I realize the importance of positive and encouraging words/gestures. In the spirit of that, I am here today to plant a seed of hope and encourage you. (more…)