Writer’s Block?

I’m not even a writer per say and I have “writer’s block”, not totally blocked but disorganized brain for sure, in combination with laziness. No, actually it’s not laziness, at least not in my mind. I don’t know jare, I henceforth blame the weather.

Boy is it cold! And winter is not in full effect, ugh the thought of things to come scares me a bit. Luckily no snow, well we had one that was nothing significant enough to even call snow because it didn’t stick and lasted all of 3 hours or so. But the wind is another story entirely. Temperature isn’t that bad really, we’re swinging in between the 40°s (sometimes 50°s) and 20°s but it might as well be 0° as far as I am concerned no thanks to the wind speed.


I’m glad to report that I have taken on full hibernation, not counting the times I have to go out to work or worship. Anything “social life”, outside social media, is SO on hold till I either get out of this Antarctic weather or April/May comes along. Whichever comes first. I just can’t. I can’t.

I’d like to add starvation to the previously mentioned things the weather has done to me. How is anyone to eat healthy in this weather, I don’t know about anyone else but I feel the need to bulk up as much fatty food, I figured I will need all the fat I can get to keep warm since I can’t grow fur (lol). I am having a hard time keeping to my regular semi-healthy diet because truly I can’t be bothered to go out  in the cold to get food from the store and to get out of my comfortable warm bed and blanket in attempt to make something to say. It is work. It is physical as well as mental. It is a struggle!

This is where I thank the green smoothie/juicing movement. Yup, I have joined in (again) and drinking healthy has never been this easy or fun, and thanks to my amazing new new baby.


It was worth the hype and the wait. I plan on sharing some recipes as time goes on.
Hope everyone in deep freezer type places are keeping warm, warm hugs and pumpkin spice latte for all 😘☕

✨Till Next Time✨

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