So It Seems

…Fall is here with full effect, ugh (I’m rolling my eyes at this point).

As pretty as it is… I just can’t! I’m not ready.

Hey y’all! Hope you had a lovely weekend, I did :).  I had a long post for this week but I changed my mind (right after I stepped outside to see off guests), I just need to “rant” quickly.

So it seems Fall is in full effect (lawd have mercy!).. I AM NOT READY, somebody make it stop! ARGH.

You know, I don’t think I will mind it so much if it didn’t involve the wind that comes with it sometimes, it’s so windy. Brrr, the wind drives the cold that much harder into the body, it’s the most annoying reinforcement yet. With Fall/Cold weather comes hibernation mate. at least for me, it’s time to get really picky with my outings so don’t feel bad if I don’t show up at your event. Let me tell you, I have taken shelter in my “self contain apartment”, yes please! If it does not involve church and work (doing per diem at the moment till I finish some stuff I’m working on), you will not be finding me outside the four corners of my house.

Funny thing I’ve noticed with that is some have mistaken my ‘hibernation” for seclusion, to the point where I’ve had an uncle come to me and pleaded that I should “please try and come out, you know it’s not good for someone to just sit in there. You need to socialize… go and see your friends. It’s not good o, this is how depression starts.” HAHA. While I appreciate his concern and everyone else’s, why in God’s green earth would I go into depression for liking my own company? LOL. I have enough going for me and surrounded by wonderful people who makes me really happy… plus I am simple to the point where if it ever came down to it and I slid into a momentary depression, I know how to find God, things and people that will bring me into a happy space (this is where I must shoutout youtube for being part of my personal happy space :D, I enjoy youtube thoroughly (some of you can testify to this) #noshame.

I do have to say though, with the weather change comes some changes for someone with SCD, first of is your layering ability. This is when you start layering up when you dress to go anywhere, and God help you if your heater does not heat up the entire space in your house, mchewww #spacioushouseproblem, in which case you would layer up inside your house as well. Yup, I do that everywhere, it doesn’t matter how big or small, or heated or cool. You are sure to find me in sweater, socks, or sometimes scarf for dramatic effect. If you ask any of my close friends, they will tell you I don’t joke with my layers, matter of fact forget layering, I bundle up(LOL). So if you know any SCD warrior out there, the one thing you can do to care for them is make sure they’re always warm, *cue the naija accent to the max* “warm oh not hot or cold”… or just comfortable.

Second change you may notice are the internal changes, I certainly notice these. I literally feel faint aches in my joints every now and then, I actually feel them now in my left wrist and elbow at the moment and felt some pain in my right femur right after church. Thankfully over the years I have studied my body and learned to listen (sometimes) to it – thanks mommy for literally hammering it into my skull- and that my friends is the most important part of managing sickle cell anemia.

Other changes include diet too, which changes from one person to another. My diet has been wack these past months (it be like that sometimes), but I am working on it. My favorite things to add to my diet are:

  • Pomegranate, my fave Fall fruit, woot woot. I can’t thank POM enough mehn, they make life so much easier but I still indulge in cracking a pom here and there, I find it fun to eat after getting them out of the shell.
  • Cranberries… hallelujah somebody for cranberry juice.
  • Greens. I don’t need iron, that’s not where my deficiency lies… what I need are red blood cells, so yes greens ( I love me some broccoli) and I’ve found a better way to consume more greens, smoothies (yum). My new amazing blender is on its way!
  • WATER!!!! I’m not good at this yet but working tirelessly at it. I visited my sisters Esther & JBreezy, noticed they stocked on 1L bottled waters, and after they explained the reason… needless to say I stock on 1L Poland Spring water pack, that way it’s easier to track how much water I drink each day (I need 2L).

Other things like sleep and exercise are non-existent right now for me, but check back later. I do want to mention that I dilute all my juices… I can’t handle all that sugar, not a fan of sugar.

Oh wow, this was not the quick rant I started with. I hope you didn’t mind that it turned to a full post.

Also, you may have noticed a url change, yes guys I’m now in the cool group of domain owner (woot woot, haha). I hope you like it? And please follow me on twitter @iamnotmyscd, thanks.

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