For Moi?

Since my last post, I can’t even begin to shout, all these support for lil ol’me? I’m feeling the love, everyone that has reached back or  left a comment, followed and/or shared, I appreciate y’all. I have readers from places I never imagined and I’m just short of words, to be quite honest “I never hespered it”. I’m simply blessed, idk how else to quantify it but say I’m blessed #dazall

I have to say though, the best part of the past week has been the feedback from my family & friends. Some were confused and shocked as heck, (they never hespered it) but were all pleasantly surprised. I got comments like, “I would have never guessed.” or “you don’t look it” lol… honestly I don’t know what to say to that than chronic illnesses don’t always show, neither do they have a “look”. I’m not sure what the expectations are of someone with chronic illness like Sickle Cell Disease, but I presume weak, fragile, frail or anti-social?

Whatever the assumption may be, I (and so many others) am everything but those things. I continue to advocate for the invisible and forgotten disease for that reason. So many suffers from it and even more are carrying the venom, but STILL  so little discussion/education and attention are being paid to sickle cell. I realize it is a privilege that someone like myself, who does not fit the bill of SCD who has fought silently for many years, to now stand to advocate and educate our communities at every opportunity.
I appreciate those who continue to listen to me, continue to support, who are just as (or more) passionate about SCD and its awareness, and to those who not only listen to what I have to say but also continue to spread awareness.

With that said, in the effort to continue raising awareness and implement change, there’s “The White House Petition” to bring national attention to the Sickle Cell Treatment Act – H.R. Bill 5124. The SCDAA and the entire SCD Community are requesting that the President of the United States acknowledge and declare Sickle Cell Disease as a national health priority; support legislative Bill – H.R. 5124 and return funding for SCD programs in the President’s budget.
The petition was posted on Wednesday – September 24, 2014. According to the White House instructions we have to:
1. Obtain AND get 50 signatures to get this petition publicly searchable and then;
2. Secure an additional 99,850 signatures (a total of 100,000 signatures)
All within only 30 Days!! Please pass it along, it’s super quick and easy. Click HERE

Again, thank you all and see you in the next post. If you don’t already, follow and share this blog 💛.


  1. Fantastic Ibbey! Great job speaking up about something you are clearly passionate about. It’s an authentic voice, and it doesn’t get more real than this – for readers to be able to see things through your lens. Way to go!

  2. It’s me again! I need your contact information so we can work on something together soon. In the meantime, I have enjoyed reading your blog, so I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”! Please see my blog for details!Talk to you soon and keep up the good work!

    1. I didn’t want to post my personal info (never know whose reading these things) but if you’re on IG or Twitter, you can find me on @ibbz_ter.
      Thanks! Will check it out, happy Sunday!

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