The Video That Caused HBP

LOVE, what is love? IDK about you personally but I am a Christian, devoted believer not just a religious person. I believe strongly in the bible and the biblical teachings inspired by God. So it should be no surprise that my understanding of love and what love is are based on the word of God.


According to 1 Corinthians 13, love is a lot of things, but not once have I read whether it be the bible or any biblical literature, that love is wicked or selfish, or evil, foolish, self pleasing/seeking. Please correct me if there’s anything out there that paints love in those light.
Now earlier yesterday, 3:00ish AM  I woke up and in the short moment I got on the internet (youtube to be precise), I came across the most foolish thing I think I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I saw people publicly admitting that THEY would in fact go ahead to marry someone who was a #GenotypeAS if they also had the #sicklecelltrait. Some even went to the extent of saying they don’t want to know the genotype of their spouse or theirs for that matter.


Nothing, absolutely nothing could’ve prepared me for the foolishness displayed, nothing could’ve prepared me for that shocking dose of reality. WOW. In 2014. People, not just any kind of people, my people, my fellow Nigerians were foolishly boasting about “believing in miracles” that will apparently change the genotype of their unborn child. I mean, what in the entire world of fuckery did I watch? And then to think our Naija celebs were parading social media, doing the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I am disturbed, slightly scarred but now more than ever, Nigerians you ain’t got much choice than to listen. I WILL not stop, I will keep harassing you… all of YOU reading this. I and a load of us are coming to your communities, we’re taking over your neighborhoods, all in your face. You have been warned.

The video can be found here Nigerians this is a PROBLEM!
#FixItJesus #SickleCellawareness #sicklecellnigeria #sicklecellafrica #strickoutsicklecell


  1. I always thought it was normal for everyone to know their blood group and genotype until of course I got to uni and some people didn’t have a clue about theirs. It is really disturbing and even more disturbing that there are people who just don’t care at all.
    I do know however, that some churches in Nigeria now insist on knowing the genotype of couples who intend to get married. So that kinda helps.

    1. OMG I know right, tell me about it and sure thank goodness for the church but they only have minimum control over who marries who. Unfortunately people can still leave said church, marry and wing it if you may. It’s truly sad, I wish people would just take their gambling skills somewhere else and stop bringing children into this. PS thanks for stopping by 😊

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