Month: September 2014

The Video That Caused HBP

LOVE, what is love? IDK about you personally but I am a Christian, devoted believer not just a religious person. I believe strongly in the bible and the biblical teachings inspired by God. So it should be no surprise that my understanding of love and what love is are based on the word of God.



September Sickle Month

Happy September! Happy Sickle Cell Awareness month💃💃 YES people! September is sickle cell awareness month, days like today allows me to think deeply within myself to see how I can help make the lives of many suffering from this invisible disease easier and what I can do to bring the much needed overdue attention to sickle cell diseases. Invisible because so many suffers from it, even more people know someone dealing with this condition, and even more than that are carriers-equipped to trigger the venom that WILL alter a soul’s entire existence. Yet these has had little to no impact on awareness and fight for research to develop better treatments and find a cure.


You see, many many, oh so many, are either nonchalant about the reality of this disease or ignorant about the impact SCD has, let’s be frank, (more…)