Health Update (May 2013 till date)

In my effort to be a responsible young adult with a medical issue, I took the initiative to sort out for a new specialty doctor namely my Hematologist early 2013 and got a referral to a reputable hospital with a great hematology team and services. My old one was just not gelling with me, ever since I made the transition from the Pediatric section at age 21 and was swiftly transferred to the adult center I won’t even lie that I hated it and wasn’t confident it will work as much as they hyped it. Years later, I found myself not wanting to go for appointments especially not after one visit at which my doctor could not remember my admission from just a couple of weeks back and the fact that she kept asking me the same questions over of the things that I had told her already), something just wasn’t aligned; as kind and sweet as she was, I don’t entirely blame her though, the hospital had cut back on so many things like the NP that was there at all times to answer any immediate questions. Anyway long (boring) story short, I’m content and love my new physician and hospital! I even get to park in the garage for free, and get bottled water for free 😀 #FFO

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