Quick Check-in

Not only is it 2014, but it’s also (already) the second month, wow talk about time flying but a very Happy 2014 to you. 2013 came and went as if, but I’m grateful that I am able to see this year in good health and a sound mind. Now before anyone gets upset because of the inconsistency with this blog #sideeye, I just have to remind you all that forgiveness is a very good something o, in fact better (for way better) than ehm holding grudges 😌 trust me it has been proven through research and otherwise. And frankly, I consider you families and families supports and love each other regardless… “una no go vex biko” hehe.

That said, on to the updates, let’s see… I’m still in school, full time at that (it’s not beans meyn, neither is it akara) but thank goodness the end of this phase is closer than it actually feels, I need Summer to get here already. Health has been good, God indeed has kept me, especially during this crazy cold weather. I had a flu shot debacle earlier this year, God worked it out though and I did not develop any complications or reaction after taking it *phew* thank you dear Jesus. You need to see how scared I was about taking the flu shot, I had not taken it in years until last month.

In 2014, I plan to remain the positive, jolly ol’me and continue to pursue goals I had set for myself from previous year and up until now, also I truly hope to post more especially now that I have gotten myself off that kpangolo-wannabe smartphone to an actual smartphone (oh yea, that’s an update for you, I dropped the BlackBerry phone like a bad habit after long years of enslavement, tufia never again) so no more excuses – I hope.

Lastly, if you’re still following this blog, I truly want to thank you, you rock! I hope to do more with the blog as time permits, really I do, just keep praying for me y’all. That’s about it for now, if I think of anything else I’ll post it :). Also, I have some blog posts drafted that needs to be finished/published, those should be coming forth as well. Alrighty then, till next time.

Oh, oh.. share this blog!!! Please and thank you.

PS, anyone in Nigeria willing to send me some juicy mangoes should please feel free, oh and agbalumo/udara. I will love you forever, I mean it.


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