Lord, I have come to worship!

Hello there! So I finally got a breather today, been super uber busy with life but it’s all for the betterment of a life ready to live purposefully, so please bear with me for now (thank yoouu). My main reason of posting today is to share with you, perhaps remind you of what we seem to always forget… God’s love!

This song here is one of my all time favorite DON MOEN’s album, it still gets me every time I listen to it after all these years.

“Worthy! You are worthy! King of kings, Lord of lords, You are worthy. All blessing and power, all riches and wisdom. All glory and honor, and praise. To the Lamb, that was slain to redeem us back to God again!…”

All I want to say is thank you Jesus for all that you’ve done (and are doing) in my life. I ascribe all glory, majesty and honor to you my savior, my fortress, my redeemer, my shield, my protector, my preserver, my provider, my all in all.
Experiencing my Father’s love is one of the most humbling and satisfactory feeling EVER! I wish every single person would experience it, absolutely nothing can compare to it.
My prayer is that I encourage at least one person out there today reading this, to stay positive, optimistic, hopeful, keep trusting in His power and might… HE made all things, hence the name “author and finisher”, nothing is beyond his control. Remember that always!

With Love.

PS, I use this medium to pay tribute to the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001. We will ALWAYS remember. May God bring solace to all the families affected by this historical event and may God continue to watch over this great nation! God Bless the United States of America … my home sweet home.

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