YeeeeHaw! It’s My Birthday

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” – Unknown.

Ain’t that the truth! You would’ve never guessed how bad I dreaded turning 27 for weeks.. PAUSE! Did I say 27? just kidding, I actually meant 20 **GRIN**. It seemed so darn OLD and boring, but then I came across that positive quote and it just made me realize that it has nothing to do with the numbers itself but the journey.. needless to say this is now on my top quotes of all times (Yea!).

The Lord be praised tho y’all… it is a honor for little ol’me to be here today; among the living and full of hope, I’ve come a long way but feel like the journey has just only begun. I am not deterred by my past, weaknesses or failures and shortcomings. Now more than ever, I feel motivated to find my purpose and put it to a good use (I think I know now what it is, I think…). It is time to stop existing on just survival and/(or) success mode, time to live for a higher purpose and focus on a significant way to live.

AnyH, this is just a quick blog entry but there will be a follow up blog to follow, I promise. This time I have all intension to keep to my promise.

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