Say WhaaaaaaaT? January, Where Are You Going!?!

Hello Blog!

I can’t believe January is already coming to a close.. my goodness, wasn’t it just yesterday we were shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!? Wow. Time, indeed waits for no one.

But I must confess, January has been extraordinarily good to me. The changes/goals I intended for 2013 are well on their way and so far, so good. I am very proud of the things God has enabled me to start, I can only hope it gets better and better. One of the changes going on is career/cont. education related, I must say it’s going well (not as bad as I thought) which is good. I can’t wait to start opening those doors God is setting up honestly. I’m hopeful, excited and nervous but most definitely grateful.

So excited that I feel like dancing. Haha.  Excuse me while I step away and do stanky leg and harlem shake :).

Till Next Time. xoxo.

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