Month: January 2013

Say WhaaaaaaaT? January, Where Are You Going!?!

Hello Blog!

I can’t believe January is already coming to a close.. my goodness, wasn’t it just yesterday we were shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!? Wow. Time, indeed waits for no one.

But I must confess, January has been extraordinarily good to me. The changes/goals I intended for 2013 are well on their way and so far, so good. I am very proud of the things God has enabled me to start, I can only hope it gets better and better. One of the changes going on is career/cont. education related, I must say it’s going well (not as bad as I thought) which is good. I can’t wait to start opening those doors God is setting up honestly. I’m hopeful, excited and nervous but most definitely grateful.

So excited that I feel like dancing. Haha.  Excuse me while I step away and do stanky leg and harlem shake :).

Till Next Time. xoxo.

New Year. New Blog Post.

2013 is here, and so am I!

I’m beyond ecstatic and so thankful. I have my health, my family and friends who are just a superb support system.

So it’s not unusual that many people come up with New Year Resolutions around this time of the year… most of which they end up hanging up anyway before the 2nd week in January (HA!). Or am I just speaking out of experience here?.. I doubt it.

In place of making resolutions, I have decided this year I am going to make goals/expectations. I pulled a marker and paper, and wrote somethings that I want to accomplish by the end of the year pertaining to different aspects of my life; personal, financial, career/education, spiritual, etc. (more…)