Yay Spring!!!

So today is the 20th and it is officially Spring!!!… I am super excited and so happy that the sun is finally out (it has for some days now) and it’s super nice outside. I hope you all enjoy your spring and hopefully allergies will stay away from those of us with allergy issues. Or just stock up on Allegra and co like I do 😀

Ahhh, yes SUN! You all know what that means… no bundling up so much anymore, which also means less worries about getting sick (at least for me). Oh and PINKBERRY!!!

Now I am not a fan of sweets, I like my sweets to a minimum. I am the kind of person that will dilute her juice with water just enough just because, and I like veggies more now than ever… I guess you can say I’m a healthy eater for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in sugar once in awhile but on a regular day, ehhh not a fan. I actually do not care for ice creams either *shrug* it is not my cup of tea at all, so imagine how excited I was when I discovered frozen YUMMY yogurt, it was an amazing day I tell you and ever since then I have created a frozen yogurt monster in myself. Pinkberry is my choice of coolant, it is an exciting time for me right about now, I get to have healthy treat from Pinkberry mehn.

Meanwhile all this talk about Pinkberry is making me hungry, might go searching for a nearby store. In the meantime, wanted to wish you all a Happy Spring!!! Stay warm, do not be deceived by the sun, it still gets chilly/windy especially in the nights, so make sure you are properly dressed. Drink as much water as you can. If you are a juice head, try as much as you can to dilute your juice (more water than juice proportions). AND stock up on those antihistamine pills or if you have asthma have your medications with you handy at all times (duh! you say but I’m just saying). Stay healthy! Stay hydrated! Stay warm!


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