Month: March 2012

Yay Spring!!!

So today is the 20th and it is officially Spring!!!… I am super excited and so happy that the sun is finally out (it has for some days now) and it’s super nice outside. I hope you all enjoy your spring and hopefully allergies will stay away from those of us with allergy issues. Or just stock up on Allegra and co like I do 😀

Ahhh, yes SUN! You all know what that means… no bundling up so much anymore, which also means less worries about getting sick (at least for me). Oh and PINKBERRY!!!

Now I am not a fan of sweets, I like my sweets to a minimum. I am the kind of person that will dilute her juice with water just enough just because, and I like veggies more now than ever… (more…)

Nobody Greater

Morning Lovies,

So I’ve had this song stuck in my head, one of my favorite worship/praise songs among many many others, “Nobody Greater by VaShawn Mitchell.

Just got me thinking how awesome God is and how eternally grateful I am to be so favored with the life I live. It’s not much but it is still pretty good and I am just in awe of his wonders in me (which are still unfolding btw, I’m an undone project but gradually making my way to the big reveal).

Thought I’d share that part of me real quick with you all, encourage each other the Bible says. I hope you are encouraged.


March Update

Hi Guys,

I know, I know, it has been awhile but nothing much is going on in this blessed life. Everything as far as health goes is going really well and I have God to thank for that.

Few things I have been doing to stay healthy are basically staying indoors for the most part. I, for one, am the person who gets sick only when I’m very stressed or exposed to the cold too much. So knowing this, and been admitted into the hospital twice last year and 3 ER visits, have made up my mind to stay indoors for most part this winter. I also have the weather to thank too actually, this winter has not been so dramatic; temperatures has been at a decent degree, only one snowstorm since I came back to the country… (more…)