February Update

Hello gorgeous people,

I am really trying to keep up with this whole blog thing, so hard but so easy at the same time SMH. Hope everyone out there is healthy and keeping warm, we wouldn’t want unnecessary and avoidable visits to the hospital.
Since my last posts, I’ve gone to the Audiologist and even the main ear doctor, what do you call them again? And all he had to tell me was that I should wait 2-3weeks and the ear should drain up but if in case it doesn’t then he’ll have to make a hole in my drums and drain the ear. It’s been a week so I’m waiting till the month is over to see how things progresses.
In other news, I’ve been avoiding coming out into the cold as much as I can. I made it a point to be in warm cozy places at all times, cannot risk getting pneumonia or the likes that we are prone to in the winter season. So far so good, but little sniffles here and there, nothing major I don’t think.
Although these past weeks, I’ve noticed I run out of breath so easily, my insomnia is off the hook but I’m working on it (ugh I’ve struggled with this since I can remember and so hate it), my diet is blah, smh… But I think all that is related to the blessing called scd, or if it isn’t let me know! And how you guys cope with all of these.

Till later time, hoping soon 🙂

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