Ok, I just had a whole essay and stuff written and somehow lost it! UGHHHH… annoyingdotcom

Hi Lovelies, Happy New Year… I’m back! Feels so good to be back to civilization and where things operate!! Gawsh, did I become frustrated and annoyed after all the strike nonsense and so many other things wrong with that country I had to deal with. But all the same, I enjoyed it… don’t have plans on going back anytime soon but would if there’s a need for me.

Right before I was meant to leave, I got a “departure gift” from God knows.. but I ended up with a very crucial ear ache in my left ear. It started off not being too bad, but boy when I boarded that plane at Muritala Airport, sweet baby Jesus! I was in so much pain through out that 20+some hours journey to the States. It was so bad that it got to a point where I vomited just as we were lifting off from Lagos and then in Paris. So much so I went straight to the ER from the airport when I finally landed, it was that bad. But the urgent care doctor gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic for 5 days and an ear drops… I took those but really still having some discomfort as I speak (type). The swelling went down but somehow my ear is still tender, sensitive and has what feels like tingling pain inside AND I can’t hear out of that ear, it feels like it’s stuffed with tissue or something but I was told there’s no inflammation so IDK what the heck is going on. I plan on watching it till the weekend, if there isn’t any improvements it will be back to ER/Urgent Care for me. It’s a very annoying pain.

Aside that, I was lucky enough to be back during the gorgeous weather so I haven’t experienced the brutal winter weather we usually have around here… Thank you Baby Jesus! (I got this baby Jesus thing from Real Housewives NJ, I am a Housewives junkie!!!.. love love all of them). Anyhoo, yeh I’ve been indoors a lot, avoiding the outside as much as I can so I don’t catch anything :).

So much to dooooooo! ughhh I need a vacation already. Alrighty loves, till next time. xoxo

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