Naija Vacay

Since the last time, a lot has happened. I’m still in Nigeria, although all events did not turn out the way I had foreseen or planned it.
On January 1st, the president removed fuel subsidy that caused fuel price to rise from N65 to a staggering 100+% increase of N140. Needless to say the whole (ok minus the ppl balling extraordinary from the money they’re taking from the govt) country was POed. So on January 9th there was a nationwide strike, with the hope of getting the govt attention. Everything was shut down, it was a dead zone all throughout the country for a week.
The most dreadful long boring week of my life. No one was allowed to go outside, open shop, go to work, nothing! Where I was at the time was SO boringgggg, I nearly lost my mind. The weekend after, we were allowed to go outside (Saturday and Sunday).
I took that opportunity to drive down to our towns. It was the longest road trip ever! The roads were terrible, the policemen were as corrupt as expected, it was all a nightmare. There was no rest stops on the road so I held my pee for another 3 hours till we got to our destination. All in all, I have vowed that to be my last roadtrip in Nigeria, no more *shrug*
The trip, since then has been a high and low, had my highs when I saw familiar family member faces and got to eat all sorts of good organic delicious food. Now I am ready to return to civilization and home! Lol, I miss driving myself, miss being able to access things on my own, miss my siblings and friends. Frustration from the strike is still in full effect I feel, that on its own has caused me to just want to leave, there’s no point since all plans has been diverge anyway. Yep it’s about that time.

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