Ahhhhhh! OMG…Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
I’m reporting live from Lagos, I finally figured my way around this mobile blog it is actually exciting. So glad I could come on wordpress and blog, this is the coolest thing ever (I think, lol). I woke up at 3am Nigeria time and have since been up for unknown reason :/ so I figured I’d blog!
My trip has been going great. I’ve been up/down, in/out from one event to the other. New Years was a blast, spent my last moments in church and the mass was incredible, it was so lively. Went to another morning service (1st sunday service of the year if you will) hours later, it was divine. Then swiftly made our way to Southern Sun for brunch, before taking naps to end up at a party in the evening…so it was good! The weather is beautiful! I could definitely get use to this. Spent the whole of yesterday at a wedding, it was spectacular!
On the other hand, I can’t say the same about the trip down here from Rome. I flew from the US to Rome (6hrs flight) then had 7hrs layover before my next scheduled flight but lo and behold, Alitalia delayed us in Rome for another 8hours. A 2pm flight turned into 11pm one, needless to say there were a lot of angry Africans and non- Africans at the gate. It was the most bizarre experience I had in 2011. The airline was insensitive and treated their passengers poorly to say the least. Caught most of the action on camera, I and most of the passengers filed a complaint forms but something tells me the airline will do nothing about them. I for one, plan on pursuing the case after I come back and I will be sending them footages of the event. There were quite few mothers with little ones, it was just terrible. And you could imagine what I was feeling like. The longest flight duration of my life, to say it was uncomfortable will be understatement. My back was in stiff pain throughout the whole process, at one point I had to take 1200mg of Motrin just to prevent any reasons for crisis. But at the end of it all, thank goodness we got to the final destination safe and sound. And now the fun begins, I’ll make sure to come back and drop gist… So much is going on in the country, hottest topic being the oil subsidy removal and when I tell you people are pissed? Please believe it, but as always Nigerians always find humor in everything! So it has been interesting all around.

Till next time.

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