Day: January 3, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Stress.

What’s up??!?! haha. So today is the day I bounce outta this cold weather, pretty intense right now with time but somehow I’m chilling here as if it’s “noffin”, SMH. I still have to drop off scripts at the pharmacy and fill them before I leave today, mind you these can only be done an hour away from my house …time is so not on my side with that bit.

At this point tho, I cannot stress myself.. why you ask? Well that is because more than likely when I stress myself I somehow end up in the hospital.

**this post was written and not finished btw on 12/28 but I’ll publish it anyway**

Ahhhhhh! OMG…Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
I’m reporting live from Lagos, I finally figured my way around this mobile blog it is actually exciting. So glad I could come on wordpress and blog, this is the coolest thing ever (I think, lol). I woke up at 3am Nigeria time and have since been up for unknown reason :/ so I figured I’d blog!
My trip has been going great. I’ve been up/down, in/out from one event to the other. New Years was a blast, spent my last moments in church and the mass was incredible, it was so lively. Went to another morning service (1st sunday service of the year if you will) hours later, it was divine. Then swiftly made our way to Southern Sun for brunch, before taking naps to end up at a party in the evening…so it was good! The weather is beautiful! I could definitely get use to this. Spent the whole of yesterday at a wedding, it was spectacular! (more…)