Merry Christmas…!!!

Hi World,

Merry belated Christmas to all of you and your families. Yesterday a special guy, extraordinary and supernatural guy was celebrated all over the world. We celebrated his birth, his greatness, his grace, divine love for all human race, and just the plain awesomeness of our Lord Jesus Christ (LJC). My day started pretty painful (cramps and things, you can imagine what I am feeling like… the combo of SS and losing blood is so not the ish) but def got better once I finally got up and got myself to church. The messages (we had more than one because the church had a program) were divine and spoke life into me, I must say.

Anyway, I soon found out something though after service about Christmas (for me)… it is no longer something elaborate in my family or for me even. Once upon a time, I remember I use to be really excited about Christmas and would enjoy the whole process of festivity. Things like putting up Christmas lights outside and around the house, putting up and decorating our Christmas trees, driving around the city looking at fabulous decorated houses and of course the best part of all, the gifts. But as I have grown, I notice these things changed for me. For one, after I left home for the Uni I didn’t spend some of my Christmases at home rather I traveled to hot climate cities and country especially in the past four years.

You can now imagine how it was for me to spend Christmas at home after so many years AND in the cold! Even if I wanted to go out to visit other people in the spirit of the season, the brutal cold definitely can discourage one. And for someone like me, I get cold easily; my feet for some reason are always without a fail, cold. This is a constant thing with me, even at work especially during summer when the AC is on… I’m that girl with warm furry slippers and socks under her desk, and a constant visit to the kitchen to refill my mug with hot beverages but will still somehow complain of cold! So yea, you already know I spent my Christmas indoors. My Christmas was very mellow and quiet, watched the NBA games, gave gifts but got nothing lol (not complaining tho! maybe next year? Santa? Anybody?).

Although the day was quiet and chill, it was still a good day. I can’t say the same for my week ahead tho, it is looking like a busy one for different reasons, first I have a trip coming up and as a bonafide procrastinator I can assure you there are still a billion and one other things I need to do, get and pack before my leave… it won’t be funny if I forget important things I really need done/packed.

It is possible that I won’t be able to post after this till later in January but I will try to sneak in here and update. Still looking into my blogging option during my trip, if I am blessed with access to the internet (I pray I am!) then I’ll def stop by.

Till next time… “May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from another”

Happy New Year in advance! xoxo.

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