My First ER With You Guys!

Hello World!!…

So happy to be here in good health, able to come on here and write. You will not believe the events that has happened after my last and first post… btw I have decided to do post-event type blog, which means I will blog about prior day events and if anything interesting happens in the current day then that will go into what I like to call “intermediate” posts.

Like I was saying, after publishing my last post. I figured I’d take a shower so I can have that extra time to sleep in before church. After showering, I laid down to sleep and maybe after 10minutes laying there I started to feel tightness in my chest all the way to my back. It was the most uncomfortable thing because I couldn’t breathe. This was not the first time it happened, the other time I experienced something like this was just few days earlier, it was gruesome awkward pain to say the least.

This time, I tried (I really did) to self manage this pain, I even took my inhaler to see if it will help me breath better but to no avail. Bottom line was I was clueless as to what this pain was, the cause of it, the cure for it! At first, I did not want to go to the ER for two reasons: 1. I didn’t have an insurance and didn’t want to get billed massive amount of money like I was for one of my early admission this year (still trying to fight that charge). 2. I didn’t just want to be admitted whatsoever.


After about an hour of unbearable pain, I woke my dad up and told him how I was feeling, he then said he was taking me to the ER… at this point I tried to stall and not go but then I realized I need to know exactly what is causing this gruesome pain and what to do to keep it from happening. Few minutes later we were at the ER. OMG can I just tell you my hatred for the length of time it takes them to answer you?? Listen, it could’ve been 15 minutes wait but when you are in serious pain, it feels like eternity. I was finally put on a bed in the ER, had a nurse come in to do lab work. I was mad they had to do lab work, but considering that it was my first time in this particular hospital I kind of guessed they would.

So this nurse ended up being a nightmare!!! she poked me twice with nothing to show for it, had me bruised up and red on my right arm. Another nurse had to come in to find a vein for my lab, and IV… it was the most annoying thing. They gave me nitro-something (nitroglycerin) to help relax the cardiac muscles, they also took an x-ray, did EKG and left me there for at least what seemed longer than 30 minutes without any medication, I was still struggling to breath and chest was tight. I had to ring them couple of time asking for the Doctor, who later came in and spoke to me about my x-ray and EKG, they couldn’t find a reason aside that the pains were another form of crises. I have never experience or heard of this kind of crises. He asked what medications I usually take, I told him… they gave me morphine which does nothing for me (not the pill not the IV), so they gave me Dilaudid which not only took care of my pain but relieved my chest.

The doctor also mentioned they would admit me but would watch me first, after 30mins my pain was gone and he changed his mind, instead decided to discharge me (happiest moment!!).
So that was my day on Sunday. I later in the day after church and some rest, drove with my mom to another state where I left my car. Stayed overnight there and came back home late Monday. Did some holiday shoppings, it’s definitely feeling a lot like Christmas around here. I am looking forward to it and most esp a trip planned for after xmas, trip to warm hot sun in Africa! can’t wait.

Till next time (tomorrow hopefully), take care!

xoxo and Happy Holidays.

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